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Our product, StethAid™, uses intelligent algorithms to bring pediatric cardiopulmonary expertise into primary care offices and homes.



Digital Auscultation Platform

Our digital auscultation platform allows for seamless recording, classification of heart murmurs, cloud-based storage, and sharing of heart and lung sounds


In the United States, unnecessary medical visits to cardiopulmonary specialists, along with subsequent hospitalizations, result in a direct and indirect economic toll of over $50B.

StethAid™ reduces unnecessary referrals to specialists - leading to more efficient workflows for primary care providers and fewer for specialists, cost savings for insurance companies, and ultimately, better care for patients.


Transforming digital auscultation through AI

Cost-Saving Technology As a decision support system, StethAid™ helps reduces unnecessary referrals to specialists, avoiding the anxiety, inconvenience, and cost associated with them. Health systems like HMOs and MCOs looking for value-based medicine can benefit from AusculTech’s cost-saving technology.

Powerful AI Algorithms StethAid™ delivers instant murmur classification without needing to be connected to the internet. AI diagnostics of many more heart and lung conditions are being added. Furthermore, recording environments can be noisy; our adaptive noise cancellation eliminates unwanted ambient sounds.

Telehealth Ready StethAid™ is a truly wireless stethoscope allowing for effortless data collection and transmission. Seeking specialist consultation or a second opinion? Easily send recordings to a specialist.


AusculTech Dx receives STTR Phase I award

AusculTech Dx received its latest STTR Phase I award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). (June 2020)

ACME-POCT selects AusculTech Dx for a seed grant

A seed grant from Emory/Georgia Tech/Children’s based Atlanta Center for Microsystems Engineered Point-of-Care Technologies (ACME POCT) is enabling AusculTech Dx to research and develop next-generation StethAid™ technology. (January 2020)

AusculTech DX wins WBJ 2017 Innovation Award

The Washington Business Journal’s annual Innovation Awards honor Greater Washington companies on the cutting edge in technology. AusculTech DX was one of the 15 honorees selected. (September 2020)

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