Core Team

The team is made of entrepreneurs and inventors who have translated novel technologies from research labs into FDA-cleared products.

Raj Shekhar, PhD

Founder and CTO

Raj Shekhar is an inventor of the StethAid™ technology, who has led its research and development since inception together with CMO Robin Doroshow. Dr. Shekhar is also a principal investigator and a professor of radiology and pediatrics at Children’s National Hospital and George Washington University. Dr. Shekhar holds 13 US patents and is also the founder of IGI Technologies with an FDA cleared image fusion product.

Robin Doroshow, MD

Founder and CMO

Robin Doroshow is an inventor of the StethAid™ technology, who has led its research and development since inception together with CTO Raj Shekhar. She is the creator of the Murmur Library that has led to the company’s AI algorithms. Dr. Doroshow is a board-certified pediatric cardiologist with Children’s National Hospital and a professor of pediatric cardiology with George Washington University. She is an expert of pediatric heart murmurs, echocardiography, fetal cardiology, and congenital heart diseases.

Mark Chandler, MBA

Executive Chairman

Mark Chandler is a seasoned business executive and a recognized expert in commercializing IP and technology. He is the founder of Upstream Partners, a specialty advisory firm that helps its clients with their IP needs in all aspects of early-stage technology, product development, and business creation. He is also an early-stage investor and has managed $50M capital with 10+ portfolio companies.

Titus John

Head of Operations and Regulatory Affairs

Titus John leads product commercialization and interfaces with regulatory partners to bring StethAid™ to market. He is a biomedical research engineer with experience in medical device product development and signal processing. He has received awards for research work including an honorable mention in the NIH NIBIB DEBUT challenge and Rackham Graduate Research grant. He also brings medical imaging industry experience from Xoran Technologies. Titus holds degrees from North Carolina State University (B.S. Biomedical Engineering) and the University of Michigan (M.S. Biomedical Engineering).

James Issac

Head of Engineering and Analytics

James Issac leads the engineering and analytic development of StethAid™ and its digital auscultation platform. He brings cross industry experience to the health technology field, having previosly worked at Ford Motor Co on connected vehicle analytics, electrified vehicles, and driver assist technologies. James holds degrees from The University of Texas at Dallas (B.S. Electrical Engineering) and Purdue University (M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering).

Harsha Vanama

Research Software Engineer

Harsha is a Research Software Engineer from Vijayawada, India with a deep-seated curiosity in applying deep learning to solve real-world problems in healthcare. He graduated in 2020 from Arizona State University’s Computer Engineering Master’s Program. While at ASU, Harsha worked at The Luminosity Lab and at NVIDIA on deep learning and computer vision projects. When he’s not coding, Harsha enjoys binge-watching sci-fi series and documentaries.