AusculTech Dx is a Children’s National Hospital spin-off commercializing auscultation-analysis research.

What is auscultation?

Auscultation is the act (or process) of listening to the heart, lung, and other body sounds using a stethoscope as part of a medical exam.

Meet StethAidTM

StethAidTM is our digital stethoscope, which along with the mobile app and web dashboard, form our smart digital auscultation platform.

Streamlined Care

StethAidTM brings intelligent heart murmur identification from specialist offices to primary care offices.

Normal Workflow
StethAidTM Workflow

Digital Auscultation Platform

Our digital auscultation platform enables easy recording and cloud-based storage and sharing of heart sounds using a mobile app.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms

Embedded in the app are clinically validated AI algorithms that help identify innocent Still’s murmur with cardiologist-level accuracy at the point of care.

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Recording environments can be noisy; our adaptive noise cancellation algorithm eliminates unwanted ambient sounds.

Intellectual Property

  • US Patent 10,251,562: Apparatus and method for detecting heart murmurs

    – Priority date: Jan 7, 2015

    – International: Europe allowed, Canada pending

  • Pending: Apparatus and method for identification of wheezing in auscultated lung sounds

    – Patent Application: WO2018102821A1

    – Filed Dec 2, 2016.